My Lit Narrative Brainstorm

  • Writing; putting thoughts/ ideas to paper. Abstract to concrete
  • Originally I divided “writing” into two categories- creative (free) writing and school writing (recording/ documenting, analysis, and regurgitation)
    • i’m really disappointed that i only came up with two categories
      • “Writing” is what I do at school, everything  else is “writing” but not “Writing”
  • School Writing- structure- formula; intro (thesis) +body paragraphs + conclusion (why it matters)
    • School enforces this template
      • Good writing
        • Avoid weak verbs
        • Avoid “I”
        • Tenses
        • Proper punctuation
        • No run on/ fragments
        • MLA/ APA format
  • Realized I have experienced different kinds of writing
    • I communicate and record info outside of school in different places and in different ways
      • No single style speakers of L- no one speaks the same way all the time- shift occurs
      • Shift occurs in writing as well
        • Standard/ formal
          • High School & College- for others to read
            • Structure (essays) recording (taking notes), regurgitation/ repeat info ( tests short answers)
            • Emails
          • Easier for me to aim to meet the expectations of an assignment that are direct and or require to argue for/against something or provide evidence for an argument
          • Harder for me when given freedom and loose structure
        • Work place- restaurant shorthand to take down orders – for myself to read later
          • Abbreviations
        • Vernacular, what I am most comfortable with- to communicate with others
          • Texting
          • Social media
        • Transcriptions (IPA)- for myself to refer to later
          • Articulation
          • Language acquisition
        • Sports- for myself to refer to later
          • Swimming
            • Event number. Heat number. Lane number
      • How i write depends on place, time, goal, formality, and audience
        • All of these have same goal : effective writing. Audience understands intended message/ i understand intended message and can refer back to it later in time and still understand


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