Post #3 How do this week’s texts challenge the way we discussed essay on Monday?

Based on this week’s texts I feel a little out of place  in the literate environment today. I am not active an active participant in the evolution of literacy….and I don’t know if I want to be( or feel confident enough to be). There are two many demands.The NCTE definition of the 21st Century Literacies  pointed out technology has increased the intensity and complexity of literacy. If the physical world around us evolves, why can’t the process of transferring our thoughts to paper evolve? The NCTE Definition, pixelating, and with black noise proves our thoughts and essays do not have to be restricted to paper.  Although the question above is a valid question I feel very stuck in my ways when it comes to my opinion of writing an effective essay.  Maybe I’m questioning  my ability to think and write outside of the box.

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